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All About Us
We know how important each and every individual child is and that's why we aim to deliver the highest quality of care and education to help them achieve their best.

We aim is to ensure that each and every child we care for:

  • is in a safe and stimulating environment.
  • is given generous care and attention.

  • has the chance to join in with other children and adults to live, play, work and learn together.

  • is helped to take forward her/his learning and development by being supported to build on what she/he already knows and can do.

  • has a key person who makes sure each child makes satisfying progress.

  • is in a setting that sees parents as partners in helping each child to learn and develop.

  • is in a setting in which parents help to shape the service it offers.

How we provide for Development and Learning
Children start to learn about the world around them from the moment they are born. The care and education offered by our nursery practitioners ensure children are able to continue in their learning and development. We ensure we provide all of the children in our care with interesting activities that are appropriate for their age and stage of development.
Starting with us

We will want your child to feel happy and safe with us. To make sure that this is the case, our staff will work in partnership with you to decide on how to best care and support your child through their learning journey.

We hope that you and your child enjoy being members of our setting and that you both find taking part in our activities interesting and stimulating. Our staff are always ready and willing to talk with you about your ideas, views or questions.

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